domingo, 21 de abril de 2013


This is Iker Casillas.
He is from Spain.
He is a famous goalkeeper.
He has got short,  brown hair.
He's got brown eyes.
He's wearing a black T-shirt and black shorts. 

 Mario Sanchez y Miguel Verdugo 6º C     

This is Liam Payne.
He is from England. 
He's a singer and he is in a band with Harry.
He's got straight short brown hair.
He's got blue eyes
He's tall
He's got a blue and white t-shirt, he's got black jeans and blue converse.
Abby Widdison y Julia Perez  6º C

This is Louis. 
-He is from England

-He is a singer

-He´s got long brown hair

-He´s got big blue eyes

-He´s wearing a white and blue T- shirt and red trousers.

Elvira Morente y Paula Paton 6ºC

-This is Will Smith .
-He is from the EEUU
-He is an actor
-He's got short,  black hair 
-He's got brown eyes.
-He's wearing a black jacket.
-He's wearing grey trousers. 

Armando Santana y Agustin Perez

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